Practice School

Practice School Training is an innovative concept, introduced by RLIMS for giving real life industry exposure to MBA students.  As per this concept, MBA students of RLIMS get industry training twice a week from the second year onwards.  This practice reduces the gap between industry expectation and academic achievements. As per this novel system students will visit industries to realize the importance of team work, development of leadership qualities and the need for effective time management. Having undergone the training, our students become industry ready and get employed easily.  RLIMS has got 20 companies as Practice School partners.

  • Partnerships with more than 20 companies in and around Madurai.
  • Twice a week from second year
  • Enhances business acumen
  • First of its kind in South India

Students have completed their Practice School in the following major companies :

  • HDFC Bank
  • Nestle
  • TVS Tyres
  • IIFL
  • Indian Bank
  • Gateway Hotel
  • Way2Wealth